INVASION - Boss Fight Winning Submission

Final Submission Showcase

Boss : Original Free Character Riktor from Paragon. Elements I Kitbashed on top to customize the Boss to add detail and effects. Minor Material changes also.

Hero and Accompanying Robots : Courtesy of Unreal Marketplace Creators. minor Color and Texture changes.

Buildings : Courtesy of Kitbash 3D Future Warfare pack. Minor changes,

Explosion : Breakdown of the Explosion Effects used to create the final version.

Youtube Showcase

This here was my submission for the Pwnisher Community 3D Challenge called #BossFight
Extremely Humbled and Honored to have been blessed with 4Th Place Win!

I will add additional BTS shots and info as I gather it all.
Render and scene created using Unreal Engine 5.2. Rendered using Path Tracing (Approx 36 hours to render).
Made possible using some incredible Assets from Unreal marketplace, Kitbash 3D and Others.