The Hatchery

Mamas not happy...
Created for a Weekly challenge based on the prompt "Alien World".

- I started with the initial idea and concept of a super rocky world. I decided to photo scan a small collection of Lava Rock found locally. This would be used in conjunction with procedural scattering to create the primary environment.
- Next stage was to create a decent Subsurface based shader for the "Eggs" . I didn't want to see a creature inside but merely give the feeling of translucency and perhaps see some veins.
- I combined these with some marketplace tendrils and altered the materials to match the eggs.
- I then used characters from Big.Medium.Small and a Creature from Marketplace.
- Volumetric using VDBs and Height Fog.
- Rendered with Path Tracer and Post editing and Color grading in Photoshop.